Gesing Village

Gesing is one of the four villages of Catur Desa. Its people are known to have retained their old traditions for thousands of years. Gesing neighbours Munduk, situated just next to the river which marks the border between the two villages. Within an area of 1.2 hectares it is home to 3800 people.


Unlike Munduk, Gesing is not traversed by a thoroughfare so there is very little traffic and it’s safe and comfortable to explore the village on foot. With its tranquillity and clean air Gesing Village is a picture of Bali from times past.

A giant banyan tree visible from miles away has grown in the centre of Gesing for centuries. The tree is sacred and a temple is built below it. Unfortunately the tree collapsed in 2012. So it has lost most of its incredible shape, but the heart of the tree is still alive, and now life will grow again from its ancient roots.

banyan tree
The sanctuary in the roots of the old banyan tree

The mountainous region of Catur Desa with its tropical climate is perfectly suitable for a large variety of crops such as coffee, clove, cocoa, vanilla, rice, garlic, onion and many different fruits and vegetables.