About Munduk 

Munduk Area is probably Bali’s most charming mountain destination. Quite a few colonial buildings bear witness to the Dutch-run hill station here during the colonial era. It’s hardly surprising they chose this place - the enjoyable mild climate, the stunningly beautiful landscape and the welcoming people make it a true pleasure to stay here.

Many people come here to trek for a day and stay for a week. Countless hikes around the lakes, hills and rice fields invite curious travellers to discover the waterfalls and temples scattered throughout the area.

The area of the four villages Gobleg, Munduk, Gesing and Umejero is called Catur Desa. But somehow Munduk was the first one to pop up in the guide books, so among tourists the whole area is just called Munduk.

Munduk Village

Mount Lesong, namegiver of the Lesong Hotel

Sunset in Munduk